3 Tips to Enhance User Experience

In a world where new technologies are being conceived at a rapid rate never seen before, the user experience can often be overlooked for a variety of reasons in order to keep up. From a poorly designed interface within your app to a lack of clear and intuitive ways to interact with your new “smart” appliance. Everything and anything to do with that piece of technology that a user interacts with constituents as an experience.

With that said, I thought I’d share 3 important tips to enhance the user experience of your technological product.


As most of us use a technology to enhance or improve an area of our lives, such as using a smart refrigerator to help us keep track of perishable goods or using a navigation app to help us get from A to B. It’s paramount that your product is simple to use and enables users to do what they intended concisely. As if it’s not intuitive to use you’re unlikely to want to continue using it or worse, you might unintentionally misuse it.


In the era where many corporations act as if your personal information is a commodity and your time is disposable it can be easy to accept the way things are done. But this isn’t right and often isn’t conducive of a positive user experience. Respect your users by ensuring your product has been designed with their best interests as a priority. Not only will this encourage users to use your product, but also helps them trust and rely on it. Which is great for developing long-term users.

Accessible Feedback

Probably the best way to improve user experience is by being open to feedback and demonstrating that you are listening to this feedback. No, I’m not referring long, dull and mind-numbing surveys and questionnaires, instead, keep it simple and direct. For example, have subtle but clear cues next to vital areas of your app or website that prompt for feedback. Feedback such as asking straightforward questions or even ability to select a “happy” or “unhappy”. Showing users you are open to feedback goes a long way in both forgiving any frustrations they may be having with your product and improving your product in the future.


In conclusion, to improve user experience you need to be open to feedback, make using your product intuitive and treat users as people not commodities. However, it doesn’t stop there and the user experience improvement journey continues throughout the life of your product.