Network Cable Connectors

One of the frustrations I had in my early experiences with computer networking was understanding the variations in cable connectors. Especially when it came to telephony/IP PBX systems.

To make life that much easier for those in the field and as part of the new series: IT Pro, I thought I would briefly cover these cable connector variations, with a focus on telephone/IP PBX systems for the first revision:

Name Formal Name Measurements Usage
RJ10 4P4C W: 7.65mm Not used often; usually used for handset to base station cords.
RJ11 6P2C W: 9.65mm Phones (globally)
RJ11 6P4C W: 9.65mm
RJ12 6P6C W: 9.65mm Phone systems
RJ45 8P8C W: 11.65mm Ethernet/network
BT Plug (4 contacts) BT431A UK telephone lines; normal home wiring.
BT Plug (6 contacts) BT631A UK telephone lines; phone systems.


I hope to eventually add more cable connector types and include accompanying photos of these connectors.

Let me know on Insight Droid on Twitter or in the comments what cable connectors you would like to see added next.