The University Journey: The Beginnings

October 1st, 2016 marks the start of my journey through Open University and Computer Science studies. This will also mark the beginning of a new series on Insight Droid entitled: The University Journey, where I will be documenting my progress via a subsection of this blog. This regular documenting, sort of a journal if you must, will not only serve as a way to share my experiences but also as a useful source of knowledge for future me.

What to Expect

I intend on documenting as much as possible. From a general overview of the course to key topics and technologies such as the Sense Board and interesting assignments. You can expect a diverse range of blog posts to suit nearly everyone. However, remember this series is mainly to aid me with my studies and my journey through university. So blog posts in this series will be very casual and may be  random compared to my other posts. So please bear this in mind.

The first post in this journey will be released sometime in the beginning of October after I have had a chance to explore the course for myself.

This will be a fun and long series and I cannot wait to begin!